Additional Services

1. Controlling

Consistent and systematic controlling ensures a firm’s current and future development. Setting up a controlling system involves creating budgets and financial plans. These in turn help to plan and control the economic growth of the business. By comparing planned and actual data, for example, discrepancies can be analyzed and the budget adapted accordingly.

Our Services:

- Preparing budgets
- Implementation and analysis of periodic plan/actual comparisons
- Developing business analyses
- Reporting

2. Reporting

Quick reporting, based on actual as well as planned figures, enables companies to react quickly all developments.

Our Services:

- Implementation and analysis of monthly or quarterly reporting

3. Financial Plans

In order for accounting to function as an effective controlling device, it is not only necessary to document transactions, but also to plan the projected development of a business from the outset of the financial year. Only then is it possible to accurately identify developments and map out strategies which can ensure the continued existence of a business.

Our Services:

- Earnings performance through comparison of planned outgoings and income
- Cash flow accounting (including investments and loan repayments)
- Anticipated development of the required financial resources

4. Advice on Turnaround Scenarios

- Business and crisis analysis
- SWOT analyses
- Evaluation of the current business situation
- Identifying sources of losses
- Suggestions for improvement
- Financing reconstruction/redevelopment
- Liquidity planning
- Out-of-court settlements
- Advice during insolvency proceedings

5. Business Optimization

- Cost effectiveness studies
- Breakeven analysis
- Calculation and contribution margin
- Monitoring and optimization of materials management / SCM
- Controlling and operational accountancy
- Planning and monitoring budgets
- Plan/actual comparisons
- Personnel deployment planning