Areas of Expertise

1. Real Estate

In real estate matters it is often difficult to get a general overview and assess situations correctly because the whole area is extremely diverse and complex. When dealing with real estate, it is necessary to ensure that the course for the realization of profits is set from the very beginning – otherwise unforeseen consequences may arise. In the worst case, these consequences may be irreversible, or may only be reversed following great capital expenditure. It is therefore essential to develop a plan and strategically analyze the goals and consequences when dealing with real estate.

2. Corporations

We prepare balance sheets for smaller Ltds. as well as larger corporations.

3. International Financial Reporting Standards

The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) were developed to create an international set of standards for billing and accounting leading to lower costs and greater access to international markets.

4. Artists

Because artists and artistic undertakings are not only characterized by variable sources of income, but also by extraordinary mobility and cross-border activities, the main focus in these cases is on international tax law.

5. Financial Criminal Law

In this area, we work in interdisciplinary cooperation with lawyers in order to be able to defend our clients competently in criminal proceedings.